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What is Infrastructure Security Management (ISM)?

An ISMS is a framework of policies and procedures incorporated in an organization to systematically manage and protect IT assets and other enterprise related IT assets. ISMS security strategies and assessments put a constant check on the access to Information assets and streamline the management of security and risks across the enterprise IT infrastructure. It eliminates incidents of data privacy violations and confines enterprise liability to data breaches and eliminates the repercussions of any security incidents.


An enterprise is a processor and reservoir of a tremendous volume of critical data that are internally developed and also collected from the customers. Documents of business strategies, product/service information, project documents, intellectual information, and employee data are alarmingly prone to data breaches from many directions with the growth of advanced cyber threats. Information security management system (ISMS) allows organizations to define a set of controls and secure enterprise data from threats and vulnerabilities. 

Benefits of ISMS

Information Security

Manage information security of huge volumes of data developed, processed, and saved by a vast range of devices in the entire network. ISMS empowers you to secure every endpoint from malware and cyber threats and by that the whole infrastructure from a common platform with high transparency for the employees to make informed decisions. 

Risk Management/Mitigation

Risk management and risk assessment are essential parts of ISM (Information Security Management). Evaluation of risks and streamlined security management operations allow organizations to prevent data breaches and secure all forms of enterprise data from past and future threats.

Cost Control

Preventing database destruction, theft and exposure of confidential information with an efficient IT security and event management solution not only reduces data loss but also the cost associated with it. Integration of solutions with latest risk management, risk assessment and analytics features helps to proactively detect vulnerabilities and threats. Monitoring of policy regulations and ensuring compliance at all levels limits an enterprise liability on the occurrence of breaches.

Resilience to Cyber Attacks

With standard policies and proper security management in place, the implementation of ISMS increases the cyber resilience of the organization against cyber attacks and threats. Regularized risk assessments and risk management build a fence around the enterprise endpoint network and information assets improving its immunity to modern data breaches. 

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