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Get a comprehensive ITOM solution to empower your team for productive IT operations management.

Enable IT managers to take proactive decisions with an in-depth view of the entire network in your IT and cloud infrastructure to maximize productivity and service quality.

What is ITOM (IT Operations Management)?

IT operations management is a process of managing hardware and software assets, networks, and applications in the entire IT infrastructure. It helps you get an in-depth view of asset scope, capacity, health, cost and performance. ITOM also facilitates network management, device security management, on-premises, private and third-party cloud resource management.


ITOM ensures a smooth workflow in the IT infrastructure of an organization by managing health, performance, and security of network, devices, and applications as it enhances visibility, sends notifications, and automates remediation and in turn, eliminate downtime and optimize performance and service delivery. 

ManageEngine offers a comprehensive ITOM solution that seamlessly integrates into your system and helps you manage and gain granular visibility and boost the performance of your IT operations and business services.  

Gain granular visibility in IT Operations Management

Take your digital services to a new era with a granular approach and intelligence in IT Operations, service health management, and cloud delivery. 

Get an in-depth view of the correlation between the IT infrastructure and the business services

Manage the operations and incidents based on priority. 

Enable real-time visibility into the problems and automate resolutions.

Meet compliances and prevent unauthorized access in the IT infra

Prevent negative implications of IT changes with agile change management tools 

Minimize Downtime 

Automate Remediations  

Manage IT Changes 

What Are the Benefits of the ITOM Solution?

Gain Transparency 

Benefit from 360-degree view and granular visibility into IT operations, applications, and business services for efficient ITOM

Detect resources

Track and manage on-premises and cloud operations in your IT infrastructure. Gain in-depth visibility into IT resources like Multi-Cloud and Serverless applications

Correlate Services 

Track incidents and find out the root cause of specific incidents in real-time through efficient mapping. Save resources through the automated mapping between the IT infrastructure and services

Monitor Health

Automate monitoring and diagnose on-premises and cloud infrastructure, networks, storage health and prevent cascading events and service outages through instant resolutions 

Manage Incidents

Make proactive and knowledge-based decisions based on correlating events analysis and get automated alerts and enable automated resolution options and detect the cause of the incident to prevent in future

Optimize Performance/Cloud Management

Optimize performance, spend, service across on-premise and cloud applications and resources with automation and informed decision making. Leverage cloud provisioning, configurations, and agile cloud infrastructure management