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Unified ITSM solutions to optimize IT service development, management and delivery. Take control of change management and accelerate delivery of quality IT services.

What is ITSM?

ITSM aims to streamline the designing, delivering and managing processes, and enrich the IT services by implementing the right technologies so that the IT operations are aligned to the business goals and optimize the service quality. Gartner says, “IT service management (ITSM) tools enable IT operations organizations, specifically infrastructure and operations (I&O) managers, to better support the production environment. ITSM tools facilitate the tasks and workflows associated with the management and delivery of quality IT services.”

ManageEngine, one of the top ITSM solutions as rated by Gartner's New 2020 Magic Quadrant for IT service management tools


ITSM implements technology-based processes into IT operations to help administrators make informed decisions that multiply service quality and optimize productivity. With precise report maintenance and systematic delivery, ITSM not only enhances service desk operations but also IT Asset management, CMDB, service catalog, and better incident and change management both on-premise and multi cloud infrastructure. ITSM solutions offer customer self-service that is cost-effective and saves time for IT organizations.

Gain from Agile ITSM Solutions and Eliminate Disruptions

Streamline IT operations lifecycles in the IT service management

ITSM solutions seamlessly integrate into on-premise and multi-cloud infrastructure

Enhance business mobility in IT service management processes

Set attributes and automate basic ITSM tasks that don’t require human intervention and save time.

Eliminate outages in the service desk operations and IT service workflows

Streamline workflow

Make proactive decisions

Enable customer self-service

Benefits of ITSM Integration

Fast and error-free execution of complicated tasks

Streamlining of a complex task handled by various departments gains contextual visibility from the perspective of each department in real time. All the teams know the workflow and jump into the action plan to execute tasks whenever needed.

Enhanced productivity of the IT Teams

With the latest IT digital trends and efficient service system integration, the tickets are created by default at once the issues are detected in the IT infrastructure and the relevant teams are deployed to tackle the problems early.

Improved clarity and effective endpoint management

With ITSM and endpoint management tools integration, your organization’s IT issue management is on track with proactive solutions and increased productivity of the technical team.

Get access to sophisticated technology, affordable

Integrating the offsprings of AI technology like a virtual agent has been proved to increase the self-service actions of end-users as they like to stay more on the interface. While ITSM with AI implementation enhances the decision-making process of IT admins, it reduces the workload of the support team to a great extent. AI is your trusted ITSM partner, which is quicker in assisting the end-users and more potent in problem-solving.

Get analytics-based solution for efficient service output

With accurate reports, graphs and metrics compare individual and group performances to improve overall productivity strategy. It allows you to make informed decisions about changes and improve ITSM team operations.

Streamline business and IT services

Organize and manage IT and business processes in your organization from a central platform. Improve IT service delivery quality with unified ITSM solutions 

High Transparency

Gain visibility into the business operations. Leverage from transparency in IT and business services using service catalogs. Resolve incidents and problems quickly and make proactive decisions in the agile environment.

Change Management

Effortless change management through ITSM solution based on ITIL change management process guidelines to eliminate unwanted disruptions. Track issues and resolve them before implementing. Automate Dev Ops change approvals.

Reduce IT Expenditure

Mitigate IT costs involved in incident management, problem, and change management. Scale-up IT processes with automation and enabling customer self-service and reduce IT cost over human hiring.

Increased resource savings with end-users self-service

Empower the end-users to resolve issues themselves using self-service endpoint management application without reporting to your IT team every time and save time, cost and work force requirements involved in ticket handling. Enable end users to change/update their account details and download service software.

Save time

Gain increased visibility and quickly deploy relevant teams to solve the issues without disrupting the workflow. Prevent downtime that occurs due to human error in the repeated IT tasks by enabling automation.

Enhanced ROI

Leverage from the customized package of ITSM tools and solutions that seamlessly integrate into your system and streamline process life cycle management, compliance configurations, and much more to ensure increased ROI in your organization.

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