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All-in-one Microsoft 365 administration solution

Leverage from extensive Microsoft solutions to manage, monitor and audit entire Microsoft eco-system of your organization.

Scale and Secure Enterprise Collaboration

Microsoft 365 is an absolute cloud productivity solution provided with extensive office and collaboration tools. The all-in-one suite can be accessed from anywhere on a web browser using the internet and with off-site data storage, it is reliable, secure, and cloud. It is an affordable and robust office collaboration solution. 
Microsoft 365 solutions to govern manage and collaborate across on-premise and cloud apps. 
Strategize Microsoft365 solution implementation, to optimize team performance   

Why Management solutions for Microsoft solutions?  

With extensive Microsoft solutions you can gain in-depth view into your entire Microsoft environment including Exchange Online, Active Directory, One Drive, Skype, etc. It helps to simplify various Microsoft management tasks and stay complaint to software usage regulations with instant email notifications.

M365 Manger Plus offers a number of solutions to manage, monitor, report and audit all the operations in Windows servers. You can automate several tasks in the Windows server management and simplify the operations. It also supports services like Exchange Online, One Drive and Azure AD, Skype, Yammer, Microsoft-Stream, team and sway and more while ensuring regular audits and compliance management.

M 365 Security Plus is an extensive security solution to add an extra layer of protection to your Office 365 environment to combat advanced cyber threats. It enables real-time 24X7 monitoring of entire Microsoft environment and generates exclusive and insightful audit reports for every individual component. You can customize alert profiles and get instant notifications via email for critical events with granular details like time of occurrence, severity and much more.

Benefits of Microsoft365

Enterprise Mobility

Microsoft 365 gives the flexibility for the users to work from anywhere and any device using an internet connection. The cloud-based suite ensures access to mailboxes, files, and programs securely regardless of the device platform hugely benefitting the increasing work from home, BYOD culture and support enterprise mobility. 

Security and reliability

Explore, identify, and store critical office data in the cloud and access anytime securely and prevent data loss. You can leverage built-in security features to protect from spam and malware and the backup systems for disaster recovery.

Workplace Collaboration

The cloud-based suite helps the teams to work collaboratively as it provides central visibility into the documents and files and any changes made in these appear in real-time enabling users to perform tasks in an agile method. All the edits are done on a single platform and stored which saves space as there are no multiple versions for a single document.  

Flexible Features Plan

With diversified plans, Microsoft 365 is a go-to enterprise solution as it gives the flexibility to choose the features only that you need along with options like per user and per month effectively reduce license cost as it gives a clear picture on the utility level and prevent unnecessary spend on Microsoft 365 products.