Northwind Technologies

Integrated Active Directory

Management and Reporting tool

Automate Active Directory Management tasks, manage AD objects, generate real-time reports, and simplify delegation.
ADManager Plus is a comprehensive Active Directory, Office 365 management and reporting solution for the Microsoft environment that will standardize AD management and enable secure and cost-effective report generation. Assess and monitor users, groups, devices, folders, documents, etc., and get real-time reports.


360-degree User Provisioning

Create multiple users in AD and other platforms like Office365, Exchange, G Suite, and Skype on this web-based software from a single console

Bulk User Management

Create and manage multiple AD users through CSV files and standard templates with auto-filled user attributes 

Active Directory Password Management

Configure user password settings, reset user passwords, and set permanent passwords


AD User/Group Reports

AD User Logon Reports

Compliance Reports

Office 365 and Exchange Reports


AD User On-boarding Automation

Create new users on multiple platforms like Office365, Exchange, G Suite, etc., all at once 

Automated AD Cleanup

Track inactive, disabled, and expired accounts and remove them as per your company policy

Automated Office 365 License Management

Assign product-specific licenses to the new users through automated user provisioning with custom templates

Controlled Automation

Bring secure automation with a review-approve method. Gain control with pre-configured automation templates and define reactive naming formats


Non-Invasive Delegation Model

Granular, OU Based Delegation

Email and SMS Alerts 

Audit Administrator Actions


Standardize Execution of AD Tasks

Enable approval based workflows to monitor and streamline AD task executions in your organization

Create Customized Workflows for Specific Needs

Configure standard workflow patterns for all the tasks involving workflow agents – requestors, reviewers, approvers, and executors

Auto-Assign AD Tasks to Technicians

Build rules and thresholds for the AD to automatically assign action/ priority/ domain-based tasks to the technicians 

Other Products


Customized Active Directory Management tool

A Web based Identity and Access management solution to govern user activity and user access and secure Active Directory.

AD360 is a comprehensive Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that supports on-premise and cloud applications. Manage and track user identities, control critical resource access, and ensure network security and compliance.

ADAudit Plus

Real-Time Windows Active Directory Auditing tools

Monitor Active Directory objects and audit in real-time. Track and identify AD changes instantly.

Audit, monitor, and report critical resources in real-time. Gather instant data and generate GUI reports and get email notifications on AD Users, Groups, Computer, OU, DNS, Schema, and Configuration changes

ADSelfService Plus

Active Directory Self-service Password management solution

Empower your IT administrators and End users with easy Self-service password management and single sign-on securely with multi-factor authentication.

Secure self-service password management solution for IT Admins and Users. Enable end-users reset passwords from Windows, Mac, Linux machines and iOS and Android devices