Northwind Technologies

Unified IT Operations Management tool

Leverage from a robust network and server monitoring software, and enhance productivity in the IT Operations Management.

OPManager Plus is a comprehensive IT Operation Management solution with integrated tools. Monitor and manage all operations in your network and server environment from a central console. With groundbreaking technology implementation, it upgrades IT operations Management to another level by exhibiting granular efficiency in monitoring and managing the IT operations.

Leverage from four-layer of visibility into IT operations
Strategize Microsoft365 solution implementation, to optimize team performance   

Network Monitoring

Enterprise Server Monitoring

Bandwidth Management

Network Configuration Management

Firewall Log Management

IP Address and Switch Port Management

Application Management

Other Products

Netflow Analyzer

All-in-One Bandwidth Monitoring and Traffic Analysis Tool

Gain control over the network and monitor bandwidth usage with a powerful, flow-based traffic analysis solution.

NetFlow Analyzer is a comprehensive network analysis tool developed with advanced Netflow technologies that ensure granular efficiency in detecting network bandwidth performance and providing quicker resolutions. It gives a single platform to monitor and analyze bandwidth, and traffic patterns and generates reports to aid network forensics and optimize bandwidth usage. 

Network Configuration Manager

Multi-vendor network Configuration Management solution

Take complete control over your network traffic and simplify change configurations. Leverage from comprehensive network device compliance management.

Network Configuration Manager is a web-based network configuration and compliance management (NCCM) solution. It offers controlled automation in the configuration management of network devices like switches, routers, firewalls, etc 

Applications Manager

Application Performance monitoring tool

Track and troubleshoot performance issues of applications in both On-Premise and Cloud infrastructure.

Applications Manager is an integration that enables end-to-end monitoring and managing of servers and applications in your IT infrastructure. It provides a granular view into the servers, virtual machines, and web, application servers, databases across the network and ensures efficient performance of both on-premise and cloud-native applications.